• Maintain Badger Region/USAV Membership:this is $50 annually for membership and $18 every other season for a USAV background screen.
  • Submit an Independent Contractor Agreement & W9: fill out this online form.
  • Attend the Professional In-Person Scorer Clinic: this is a four-hour, in-person clinic on the application of scorer knowledge skills and mechanics.
  • Complete the online Professional Regional Scorer Certification Clinic: this is a free online course curriculum.
  • Volunteer to Score: do this within 60 days of taking the exam.
  • Serve as Provisional Scorer: must hold this certification for one year prior to applying for Regional certification.
  • Demonstrate Proficiency: the Officials/Scorer chair must oversee two matches and approve the scorer’s performance. This will take place during the In-Person Scorer Clinic.
  • Complete the SafeSport Training Course: SafeSport is not included in any USAV Academy module, so you must complete this stand-alone training. Information is included within the link provided and upon completion, certification will be added to your Webpoint record.