Miss the 2016-17 Junior Club Director meeting? Here’s what you need to know

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to Pewaukee for the Aug. 14 Junior Club Director meeting. Below you will find information from the meeting, including links to various videos from the day. If you are still looking to meet with Badger Region staff in person, check out the meeting on Sept. 18 in River Falls. Click here for more info.

Video of attorney Emily Swanson talking about properly classifying a coach as an employee and Workers Compensation insurance:
Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–TivTz2oSs
Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yEbfDIgnLE
Linked here are all of the documents Emily had in the folders that were distributed:
* Why Workers Compensation Insurance matters: http://badgervolleyball.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/why.pdf
* Other Workers Compensation Information: http://badgervolleyball.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/WCI-stuff.pdf
* Worker Classification From Wisconsin Department of Labor: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/worker_classification/
* Opinion Piece From Emily that appeared in Law Week Colorado: http://badgervolleyball.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Emily-Swanson-Opinion.pdf
The handouts pertaining to the Badger Region Survey, showing some of the concerns pertaining to tournaments, tryouts, club communication and other major issues that members see in the Region can be viewed here (and attached):
From the survey results, our members think tournament and club directors can do a better job communicating with athletes and parents alike. They also want to see athletes/coaches do a better job at taking officiating responsibilities seriously, making sure club philosophies are upheld and being more clear about how the tryout process/costs related to it works. Please share this information with your staffs, coaches, and other club admins.
Here are some of the talking points that we discussed as part of the Badger Region Qualifier and Badger Region Championships part of the Junior Club Director meeting in Pewaukee, Aug. 14.
If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to explain our reasoning behind any of the decisions below.
Goals of the tournament committee (Terry Paulson-chair, Brian Sharkey, Kelly Lehman, Scott Blackmon, Larry Schoenick, Ryan Thompson, Sara Voigt, Ted Schulte, Paul Schlomer)
* Keep all teams under one roof at the Badger Region Championships
* Prevent teams from play six or more matches in row.
* Prevent refs from officiating more than eight matches in a day.
* Allow for teams to play more than one opponent at the Badger Region Qualifier
* Prevent tournaments from going late into the evening on Sunday nights.

Badger Region Qualifier
Date No. 1: Feb 25/26: G18s, G17 (at the Milwaukee Sting Center)
Date No. 2: March 11/12: G16s, G15s, G14s, G13s, G12 (at the Milwaukee Sting Center and Center Court)
Tournament entry date: Jan. 4.
Tournament close date: Feb. 3 (G17/18s) or  Feb. 18 (G12-G16).
Maximum number of teams per division: 20
Format: One-day tournament for divisions with 2-9 teams. Two-day tournament for divisions with 10-20 teams.

Badger Region Championships
Date No. 1: March 18/19 — All Boys, G14 Club, G14 Open, G16 Club, G16 Open. This weekend is also March Madness (NCAA Men’s Basketball in Milwaukee and the MKE St. Patrick’s Day Parade.)
Date No. 2: March 25/26 — G11s, G13 Club, G13 Open, G15 Club, G15 Open
Date No. 3: April 1/2 — G12 Club, G12 Open, G17 Club, G17 Open, G18 Club, G18 Open
Tournament entry date: Jan. 4.
Tournament close date: Feb. 18
Maximum number of teams per division: 16 in Open, 32 in Club, unlimited in Badger divisions. The Badger Division is new this year and is reserved for third-tier teams and teams who register late for the club division. The Badger Region Championships is not being capped. All teams entered will get in. To guarantee yourself in the division your team belongs, club directors must register as soon as possible and get their checks in as soon as possible, too. Staff will use timestamps that are shown in AES to determine order if there are too many teams in a division.
Format: Teams are guaranteed three matches on the first day of competition. Some teams will only get two matches guaranteed on day two, but others (depending on the number of teams in their divisions) will get three matches on day two.


Other tournament reminders
* Club directors can begin entering their teams into one-day Badger Region tournaments on Nov. 25.
* Tournament directors can begin accepting/dropping/waitlisting teams into their events Dec. 2.
1. Ideas from the Wisconsin Volleyball Summit hosted by UW-Madison women’s head volleyball coach Kelly Sheffield. Click here.
2. SafeSport: All coaches are required to have this for the 2016-17 season. You will not be able to put them on a roster if this is not done.
3. Certificates of Insurance: Forms are available on our website and get emailed to Ryan Thompson. All requests for the 2016-17 season must be submitted after Sept. 1.
4. Webpoint: We encourage athletes to get the $10 tryout membership for their tryouts then upgrade for $40 to a full membership after they make a team. All memberships are available for purchase after Sept. 1. Don’t hesitate to call the office or email us at membership@badgervolleyball.org if you have questions.
5. Registration: If you need any help building teams in Webpoint, don’t hesitate to call the office or email us at membership@badgervolleyball.org.


6. Sitting summit: The Badger Region has been invited to attend the USAV Sitting Volleyball Summit in Oklahoma City (Date TBA). The plan is to work with the Veterans Affairs and a grant they have available to offer sitting opportunities to disabled and able-bodied individuals.

7. Board updates. Heather Curley (Revolution Volleyball Academy) was elected to the Board of Directors as the Junior Rep. This is a one-year term with voting power. Jake Nowak (Milwaukee Volleyball Club) and Ruth Leitzke (Wisconsin Power) were again chosen as the Boys and Girls Advisory Chairs (non-voting) to the Board of Directors.
8. Other questions from the audience:
— Tryout membership cards DO NOT have to have club names on there. They are also allowed to have a different club name on there.
— Commitment dates for High School-age athletes follows the same model as last year. First day of tryouts for G14s in Oct. 1. First day of tryouts for G15-18 is Nov. 12. First commitment date for returners is Nov. 15. For newcomers it is Nov. 17. First day of tryouts for B15-18 is Nov. 19 (B14-and-under is Nov. 18). First commitment date for returners is Nov. 22. For newcomers it is Nov. 23.
9. Officials update: 
— No new rules this year.
— If you STILL need rulebooks, please contact us and we will ship some out to you.
10. Region Holds: If you have any athletes that you would like placed on Region Hold for not having paid dues from last season they must be in by August 26th.
11. Club Info Sheets: Get them turned in by Sept. 16 or you will be taken off our website. http://badgervolleyball.org/junior-club-information-sheet/. If info isn’t turned in by Sept. 16, your club will be removed from our site.
12. Videos:
— Webpoint/Registration. Click here.
— Wisconsin Volleyball Summit. Click here.
— IMPACT/Coaching education information. Click here.
— Badger Region Communication. Click here.
— Badger Region Qualifier/Championships. Click here.
— Badger Region Officials update. Click here.
— Badger Region Elections. Click here.