Coaches, junior players seeking online work crew training can click here

Friday, December 8th, 2017

After tryouts are complete and before the first days of competition, athletes and coaches are often looking for ways to freshen up on their line judging, scoring, libero tracking and second referee training.

This can be done in multiple ways:

  1. Have the club bring in a certified professional referee to run a “Junior Work Crew Clinic.”
  2. Have the club director offer the training to his or her athletes and coaches.
  3. Have all coaches and athletes take online training.

To take the online referee training, athletes or coaches can click here.

There, they will be taken to Webpoint to sign up for the “clinic” that is set up online. Once registered, they can click on the red USAV Academy button in their Webpoint profile where they will be taken to the portal where they can watch the following videos:

* Line Judge Essentials
* Junior Second Referee
* Junior Signals
* Libero Control
* Score Basics Non-deciding Set
* Scoring — Deciding Set
* Scoring Materials

Any problems with the videos themselves should be sent to the USAV Academy Help Desk which is available at any time when viewing the videos online. Do not contact the Region Office if you are having technical difficulty with the online ref training.