Badger League

Badger League is a region-run tournament featuring teams from across the state. The annual league spans three weekends between January-February, with different age groups competing each weekend. This season, the 13U and 18U divisions will compete one weekend. The 14U, 15U, 16U and 17U divisions will compete on two weekends. For a spreadsheet of tournament cost and play dates, click here.

3rd Weekend Schedule for the Badger League 2014 is available at AES.

Girls 13 and Girls 18 Seeding is incomplete.


SATURDAY, Feb 22, 2014
G13 – Feb 22, 2014 -8am
G14 – Feb 22, 2014 -8am
G16 – Feb 22, 2014 -1pm
G18 – Feb 22, 2014 -8am
SUNDAY, Feb 23, 2014
G13 – Feb 23, 2014 -8am
G14 – Feb 23, 2014 -8am
G16 – Feb 23, 2014 -8am:17th-27th//1pm:1st-16th
G18 – Feb 23,  2014 -8am

January 11-12, 2014: Girls 15 and 17 (8am-2pm), 14 (2pm-8pm)  (Chula Vista)
February 8-9, 2014: Girls 16 (8am-2pm), 15 and 17 (2pm-8pm) (Chula Vista)
February 22-23, 2014: Girls 13U, 14U, 16U and 18U (Chula Vista)

2100 River Rd, Wisconsin Dells (approximately 1/2 mile from the Chula Vista Resort)

Due to a change in the Management Group of the Wisconsin Dells Center, there will be a $5 daily parking charge for the Badger League 2014.

Play starts at 8a.m./2p.m. on Saturday
Check-in (Saturday only) begins at 7:15 am
Coaches must present a signed/dated Webpoint roster at check-in (roster frozen after submission)
Report directly to your court on Sunday and all remaining Badger League play dates (no check-in required)

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