Follow along as Badger Region Staff posts updates from this year’s Badger Region Volleyball Championships. You can follow the action on Twitter and Facebook with the #BRChamps2015.

The schedule for April 11-12 has been posted. For the G11s, G12s, G14s, G17s and G18s, click here. For the adult schedule, click here.

If you’re looking for the schedule for the first weekend’s action, click here.


> Want to purchase a photo of your son or daughter on the medal stand at the Badger Region Championships? Contact Megan Calzavara at

> Want to see a list of the winners from the April 11-12 Championships? Click here.


> If you have lost any articles of clothing, volleyballs, water bottles, etc., the entire lost and found from the tournament is being kept at the Wisconsin Center District public safety office. Contact them if you feel that there is something valuable that you may have left at the convention center.


> 10:25 p.m.: The staff and crew of the Badger Region Championships is heading out the door. A special thank to all the referees, players, coaches, and parents that made this such a great event. Thanks from Sharkey, Ryan, Colleen, Jen and Terry.  We hope to see you all back here next year!

> 8:50 p.m.: The 17 Club and 17 Open finals have just finished and the teams are on the stage receiving their medals. These also happen to be the last two courts going in the convention center that now only has about 10 courts left to take down. Crews are working hard ripping up the Sport Court and stacking it for the forklifts to put back on the trucks.

> 6 p.m.: The first courts are starting to come down as the second weekend starts to come to a close.

> Please check the lost and found for anything you might have misplaced. Our stock is starting to overflow with water bottles, hoodies and loose volleyballs. The lost and found is located at the Championship Desk.

> Have any photos from the Badger Region Championships? Send them to Brian Sharkey at We will put some of them in this week’s Badger Beacon that comes out on Thursday! #BRChamps2015

> 2 p.m.: Congratulations to FC Elite 18 Navy for winning the Gold Bracket of the 18 Open Division of the Badger Region Championships. A great match was had by FC Elite and Southwest Milwaukee.

> Did you know that there over 25 flyers/brochures from various clubs/colleges for summer camp and sand opportunities? Come check them out next to the Championship Desk!

> 7 a.m.: The doors are open for Day 2 of the Badger Region Championships! Everyone enjoy the day and don’tforget to stop by our vendors. If you’re Tweeting or sharing other photos on Facebook/Instagram, don’t forget to tag them iwth #BRChamps2015.


> 8:50: The final match of Day 1 is complete. See you all tomorrow.

> 6:45 p.m.: Coaches/players/parents: familiarize yourself with the AES website. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the schedule times/ref times/play times for all teams. For the schedule, click here. The tournament staff is not always available to answer your questions. And you can check this from your hotel room!

> 4 p.m.: Congratulations to our adult teams on a very competitive tournament this year. Awards go to:
1st place mens: Piranhas
2nd place mens: Team CORE
Silver Champion: Balls & Beers
1st place women: Team ‘Merica
2nd place women: SPANK

> 2:45 p.m.: Great job by the Wild 14-Red squad for doing an amazing job reffing according the referee of the 9 a.m. match on Court 20.

> 2 p.m.: The first wave of athletes are done playing at Day 1 of the Badger Region Championships! The second wave has begun, too. Thank you to everyone for helping to make this a great event. We are seeing a lot of old friends and familiar faces. Stop by and say hi. All the teams are checked in for the weekend and we’re looking forward to some great action the rest of today and tomorrow.

> 11:45 a.m.: The adult men’s and women’s volleyball teams playing on Courts 1, 2, 3, and 5 are wrapping up pool play. Look for the men’s playoffs to start close to 1 p.m.

> 11:30 a.m.: Special thanks to the Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Program for an outstanding job with all officiating assignments, according to referee Alex Grychowski.

>9:30 a.m.: Talk about growing the game: The Badger Region Championships this weekend features 19 teams at the 11-and-under age level. In addition, we have 40 teams at the 12-and-under age level competing. Thank you for supporting our great sport and the Badger Region!

> 8 a.m.: Thank you to our great national anthem singers for a job well done at the start of the second weekend of Badger Region Championships.


A little help: Players/coaches/club directors: If you played or coached in the first weekend of the Badger Region Championships, please re-use the same wristband that you were given March 14-15. The Championship Desk does not have extras to hand out if you already appeared on a roster. Thanks.

A little did you know: This weekend, we have 30 courts going. If a ball rolls onto a court in the front zone, an immediate stoppage should occur and a replay should be called. If a ball rolls into the back zone, it is not necessarily a replay. If a ball rolls onto the court at the same time a ball goes down, it, too, is not necessarily a replay. Food for thought as we get going this weekend.

4:15 p.m.: If you want to come down to check-in, we are ready for coaches/club directors to come get their wristbands and sign off on rosters.

> 1 p.m.: Vendors have begun arriving to set up their stands for the jewelry, t-shirts, hoodies, food and more that will be on hand this weekend at the Badger Region Championships.

> 9 a.m.: The tournament desk is all set up, the awards stage has been built, the courts are all laid and the last nets are going up as we speak.


> 4 p.m.: The first work crews have arrive to start laying the courts here at the Wisconsin Center. Thank you to everyone who is helping with this difficult task!

> Noon: The Championship Desk is getting set up, while the forklifts have most of the courts in place.

> 9 a.m.: It’s moving day (again)! And it’s pouring rain. Really, Mother Nature? We’ll be packing up the Uhaul at about 11 a.m. and heading down to the Wisconsin Center shortly after noon. If anyon needs to get a hold of a Badger Region staff member after noon today (Thursday), call Brian Sharkey’s cell phone at 414-313-9055. You can also email any staff member, as we will have access to email while on site.


> 7 p.m.: Both the girls and adults schedules have been announced. For links, see the top of this page.


> 8:53 a.m.: It’s the calm before the storm. Lots of families are starting or ending their spring breaks. Here at the Badger Region Office, we’re packing the tubs full of coaches gifts, wristbands and all the other equipment needed for the trip to the Wisconsin Center. Our adventure downtown officially begins on Thursday when we pick up the Uhaul for another day moving day.



> 10:51 a.m.: Referee Ron Kolash emailed us this morning and wanted to give some kudos to some more of his work teams from this weekend:
* CVA 16-Adidas:  Actually the whole work crew impressed me as being conscientious, alert and thorough.  The R-2 of their 8 a.m. match (whose name I didn’t note) was a very good communicator with the coaches and table.  Meanwhile the table worked as a team to assist each other.
* WI Jrs 16-National:  The scoresheet and tracking sheet were the only ones I observed that I couldn’t find something to suggest, even with two liberos to track.
* CVA 13-Navy:  This table was alert and conscientious, assisting each other as a team.
* Paige Franz of Lakeshore Storm 13-1 impressed me with her aptitude and enthusiasm as scorer.  With her vision blocked by the R2 support and padding, she continually bobbed and weaved to visually verify each server.  Meanwhile she kept a very clean scoresheet.
* Olivia Eernisse of IAM VBC 13 impressed me with her thoroughness and teamwork as scorer.  She was one of the few I observed that correctly triangled the libero’s service points scored.  I also observed her quickly assist the libero tracker, initiate verification of the visual score, and communicate with the R2 during my brief visit to their court.


>12:15 p.m.: After going through the piles of papers and scoresheets, we wanted to commend the following athletes on doing a fantastic job reffing over the weekend (in no particular order):
* Milwaukee Volleyball Club 18-Jake
* Southport B18s
* Wisconsin Performance 16R
* Milwaukee Sting 16 Boys
* Kelsey Last (Madison Elite 13 Black)
* Becky Stolpa (Midwest Penguins 16-1)
* Taylor Mielke (Milwaukee Sting 16-Black)
* Sarah Klobucher (Milwaukee Sting 15-Black)
* Grace Woolwine (FC Elite 16 Navy)
* McKenna Fitterer (Motion Volleyball 16 Blue)
* Brenna Huizegna (Wisconsin Select 16)

> 11:15 a.m.: Photos of all the Boys Divisions winner have been posted (except one we are missing). Check them out here.

> 10:35 a.m.: Photos of all of the Girls Division winners have been posted. Click here to check them out.


> 2:30 p.m.: Pictures and winners will be out by the end of the day Wednesday on a page dedicated to them on the Region website.

> 1 p.m.: If you misplaced certain things (i.e. a bag of volleyballs, a tripod, some apparel), contact the Region office and we might have it. We had a lost and found over the weekend that has about a dozen items in it in our possession.

> 11 a.m.: The van is being unloaded and tournament materials are coming back into the Region office.



> 9:54 p.m.: The staff and crew of the first weekend of the Badger Region Championships depart — a new record according to some of the veteran staff. Thanks to our great crew who were able to take down courts as they finished up.

> 8:23 p.m.: The final match of the night concludes.

> 5 p.m.: Referee Chris Haworth would like to commend the Wisconsin Performance 16R team for willingly stepping in to ref when they were not required to. He added that they did a great job in the process!

> 4:40 p.m.: The girls 13s, 15s and 16s open divisions are complete with wins going to Milwaukee Sting 13-Gold, Milwaukee Sting 15-Gold and Wisconsin Volleyball Academy 16s.


> 1:44 p.m.: The finals have begun on some of the brackets. That means we are about one hour away from naming some of our first winners girls champions of the #BRChamps2015.


> 1:15 p.m.: Please be advised: There are going to be delays on some courts due to tiebreaker matches that must take place before the subsequent pools take over the court. Thanks for all your patience and cooperation!

> 1:06 p.m.: If there’s one thing that we love, it’s all the kind words said about the athletes and their sportsmanship, their dedication to reffing and all the other things that aren’t even volleyball related. Thanks for sharing your stories with us, everyone! We’re hearing a lot of good things about our teams, refs, fans and coaches.


> 11 a.m.: So much great volleyball happening at Center Court and the Wisconsin Center today.

> 9:45 a.m.: The medals are ready for distribution for all of our girls teams that will be competing for the gold and silver at the Badger Region Championships. First medal matches start at 2 p.m. for the G13s, G15s and G16s competing.

> 8:15 a.m.: All of the winners from the Boys Divisions have been posted in a news story on our website. Check it out by clicking here.


> 7:50 a.m.: Thanks to Hannah Wirag and Megan Adams from Wisconsin Performance 15-Red for singing the National Anthem this morning. Great job!

> 6:38 a.m.: The first team has arrive in the gym, and, of course, its Milwaukee Sting 13 Black, coached by Pat Houk.


> 10:28 p.m. The last team has left the gym


> 8:32 p.m.: The time is 8:32 p.m., and the Arrowhead High School and the Center Court sites are done for the night, while there are still eight courts (out of 32) are still playing at the Convention Center.

> 7 p.m.: As things start to wrap up here on Day 1, just want to remind everyone to email their photos to

> 6 p.m. The Cardinal Stritch men’s volleyball team (shown above starting to stretch) is starting to warm up on Court 10 for its 7 p.m. match against Cincinnati Christian. Come over and check it out if you are here.

> 5 p.m.: If you are trying to park in the downtown parking structure with the QR code and it is not working, upon leaving the structure, push the call button and say you are with the Badger Region Volleyball Tournament and you will get the discounted rate.

> 4 p.m.: Refs are taking the time to note the excellent work that players are doing on their reffing assignments. They include Becky Stolpa (Penguins 16-1), Taylor Mielke (Sting 16 Black), Sarah Klobucher (Sting 15 Black), Taylor Arndt (WVA 15 Black), Grace Woolwin (FC Elite 16 Navy), Mckenne Fitlerer (Motion Volleyball 16 Black) and Brenna Haizenga (Wisconsin Select 16). Director Jen Armson Dyer also pointed out the work  of Kelsey Last from Madison Elite 13 for an amazing looking scoresheet.


> 2 p.m.: The morning waves are finishing up and the afternoon waves are entering the convention center! This place is backed. Stories of parents parking six blocks away aren’t uncommon. Please be patient if you’re coming downtown as the crowds are big right now.

> 1 p.m.: The first medals of the weekend have been handed out to the first and second place teams in the B12s division. Congrats to Sting 12s and Southwest 12s on your wins.


> 7:50 a.m.: Michael Sohn from Milwaukee Volleyball Club Boys 13s rocked the National Anthem!

> 6:45 a.m.: The doors are open and the the first players and fans are walking in the door.




> 8 p.m. The coaches are hard at work leading the HP tryout. Great job everyone!


> 6:30 p.m.: The High Performance tryouts have exceeded all expectations! 40 boys and 123 girls are trying out here at the Wisconsin Center. And we got a great staff of coaches leading the charge here. Thanks to everyone for helping out.


> 2 p.m.: Vendors have begun to arrive and set up their stands. The lobby areas are being populated with ticket booths, signs and more. It’s starting to look like a tournament is happening here tomorrow. The caption for the photo above: Not “Where’s Waldo?” It’s “Where’s Terry Paulson?”


> Noon: The stage is set for all the participants in the 2015 High Performance tryout. Don’t believe us? We have photos to prove it.


>11:00 a.m.: The medal stand is up. The Championship Desk is getting organized. Scoresheets are getting printed. Signs are being hung around the convention center. It’s like a well-oiled machine in motion at the Wisconsin Center.


> 9:00 a.m.: All of the courts were set up overnight and all of the nets are up! The crew is back in the convention center already mopping all the courts. Lines are being taped. Chairs for fans and athletes are in place. And partitions between the courts are about to come out. The coffee must have been brewing early for some of these workers.


> 7:30 p.m.: Crews will be here until about 10 p.m. finishing up all the courts. Thanks to everyone staying here to make this such a great event.


> 6:30 p.m.: Progress is being made on the courts. About 60 percent of the Sport Courts are laid and four nets are already up. Some boxes are already are coming back to the loading docks because they have been emptied of Sport Court.

> 5:00 p.m.: High Performance tryout registration is officially closed. At the current time, we have 151 athletes (both boys and girls) pre-registered for the tryout. That’s amazing! Breaking last year’s totals for sure. We’ll let you know how many total athletes come through the door (counting walk-ups tomorrow). If you’re still interested, walk-up registration will cost $70. Thanks to everyone who got their forms/registration done in advance.

> 4:45 p.m.: The Boys Scouts of America (shown above) along with groups from Waukesha South and Kettle Moraine high schools help lay Sport Court. We’ve got some great work crews putting in some manual labor tonight.


> 3:30 p.m.: It might not be a selfie that will break the Internet, but it’s a great photo of the five of us at the start of the Badger Region Championships weekend. We’ll see if we’re this happy at the end of the tournament.

> 3 p.m.:
Ryan and Jen start an assembly line for the coaches gifts that will be handed out at check-in. Meanwhile, Sharkey spent the better part of the afternoon putting air into all the new volleyballs for the boys and inflating the 160 volleyballs on hand for the High Performance tryout tomorrow night.
> 2 p.m.: The previous exhibition at the Wisconsin Center has finally packed its last truck and has left, giving the work crew space (and time) to finally start taping the spaces that will be designated for the courts, Championship Desk, vendor area and food area.

> 12:30 p.m.: The Badger Region Staff leaves the Pewaukee and heads down to the Wisconsin Center. The U-Haul van was filled to the brim, with dozens of volleyballs pressed up against the back window. Thankfully, the doors stayed shut on the bumpy ride downtown, otherwise I-94 would have had a lot of Moltens rolling across three lanes of traffic.

> 10:55 a.m.: The calm before the storm. Staff is getting ready to load up volleyball, tubs, t-shirts, tubs, ball carts and more tubs for the trip to the Wisconsin Center.