The Badger Region Board of Directors is comprised of four Executive Committee members and seven Regional Representatives. Eight Advisory Committee members and five Region Staff members have a voice on the board, but do not vote.

The next Badger Region Board of Directors meeting is at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, at the Region Office in Pewaukee. Click here for a copy of the Nov. 6 agenda.

Please direct all questions to a region staff member.

Commissioner/President: Julie Voeck
Associate Commissioner/Vice President: Jim Momsen
Treasurer: Anne Slattery
Secretary: Kim Wudi

Metro Milwaukee: Pati Rolf
Northeast: BJ LeRoy
Northwest: Christopher Beron
Southeast: Holly Vogelsang
Southwest: Paul Schlomer
At-Large: Kelly Lehman
At-Large: Scott Blackmon
Junior: Heather Curley
Independent: Angela Lubach

Financial Chair: Anne Slattery
Junior Girls Chair: Ruth Leitzke
Junior Boys Chair: Jeff Liker
Referee Chair: Jim Momsen
Score Chair: Nancy Paulson
Adult Chair: BJ LeRoy
Beach Officials Liasion: Bill Petersen
Officials Assigner: Larry Schoenick
Officials Rating/Training: Julie Voeck
Grassroots Chair: Click here for nomination form
Development Chair: Click here for nomination form

Director of Operations: Jennifer Armson-Dyer
Program Director: Brian Sharkey
Operations Manager: Scott Spiess
Tournament Director: Terry Paulson
Program Specialist: Sara Voigt

  • For a map of Wisconsin and who represents the various areas, click here.
  • For a look at our Region’s interaction with USA Volleyball/other organizations, click here.
  • For an explanation of the interactions of all our software and sites, click here.