The Badger Region Board of Directors is comprised of four Executive Committee members and seven Regional Representatives. Eight Advisory Committee members and five Region Staff members have a voice on the board, but do not vote.

The Junior Club Director Meeting for the 2016-17 season took place Aug. 14, 2016, at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee.  For further information please check out our recap page here,  The next Badger Region Board of Directors meeting is at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 17, in Pewaukee at the Region Office.

Please direct all questions to a region staff member.

Board Attendance Report (2015-2016)

Board Attendance Report (2016-2017)

Commissioner/President: Julie Voeck
Associate Commissioner/Vice President: Jim Momsen
Treasurer: Anne Slattery
Secretary: Kim Wudi

Metro Milwaukee: Pati Rolf
Northeast: BJ LeRoy
Northwest: TBA
Southeast: Holly Vogelsang
Southwest: Paul Schlomer
At-Large: Kelly Lehman
At-Large: Scott Blackmon
Junior: Heather Curley
Independent: Angela Lubach

Financial Chair: Anne Slattery
Junior Girls Chair: Ruth Leitzke
Junior Boys Chair: Jake Nowak
Referee Chair: Jim Momsen
Score Chair: Nancy Paulson
Adult Chair: BJ LeRoy
Boys HP Chair: Brian Sharkey
Girls HP Chair: Paul Schlomer
Beach Chair: Bill Petersen
Officials Assigner: Larry Schoenick
Officials Rating/Training: Julie Voeck

Director of Operations: Jennifer Armson-Dyer
Program Director: Brian Sharkey
Operations Manager: TBA
Tournament Director: Terry Paulson
Program Specialist: Sara Voigt

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