An individual is considered a referee candidate until they have met the requirements outlined below. All candidacy requirements must be completed before a candidate is considered a referee and eligible to accept paid match assignments in Badger Region. Click on each step for additional information/instructions.

1. Register with Badger Region/USAV: this is a $50 annual fee along with an $18 background-screening fee every two seasons.  Please contact Referee Chair, Jim Momsen and copy the Officials Assigner, Larry Schoenick indicating interest in becoming a Badger Region Official.
2. $25.oo Referee/Clinic Fee:  Pay the annual $25 Badger Region Referee fee online in Webpoint. This fee allows you access to all online and in-person clinics, a free rule book and the ability to use the online ref-assigning system led by Larry Schoenick.  **Please note:  High School students are exempt from this fee.
3. Attend a New Referee Clinic: this free hour-long clinic must be completed in conjunction with item #4
4. Attend an Experienced Referee Clinic: this two-hour in-person clinic focuses on rules and techniques
5. Complete the online courses and exams: follow the link to sign up for the clinic through Webpoint. Your username and password for the USAV Academy website is the same as it is for Webpoint. Click here for instruction on how to register for and access Badger Region Referee Training Videos and Exam.
6. Pass a formal on-court evaluation: this is a requirement to be considered a certified official (email Jim Momsen to coordinate).
7. Submit an Independent Contractor Form and W9 (updated 11/1/17): Badger Region must have these on-file, submitted new each year.
8. Complete the SafeSport Training Course: SafeSport is not included in any USAV Academy module, so you must complete this stand-alone training. Information is included within the link provided and upon completion, certification will be added to your Webpoint record.

When certain that all requirements have been completed, contact the Badger Region Officials Assigner, Larry Schoenick.  The assigner will verify that all requirements have been met and will activate on the assigning system, Zebra Web.

Also, make sure you submit this form (click here) as a way first-year officials can get their first-year fees reimbursed.