Clubs, please enter your information on the form at the bottom of the page (scroll all the way down) to indicate the open positions that you are seeking players for. Please also look at the Players Looking For A Club page.

Players, please look below at the openings that clubs have for the 2017-18 season. Please contact the club directly about these openings.

(Last updated Dec. 14, 2017)

Northwest Wisconsin Volleyball Club
  Jeff Dietrich
Practice Location: Minong, Maple
Phone: 608-387-4341
Age Group: G15
Positions Needed: MB, S
Date added: Dec. 14

G-Force Volleyball Club
Director:  Jessica Jacklin
Practice Location: Germantown, Jackson, West Bend
Phone: 262-305-0225
Age Group: G12, G13
Positions Needed: MB, S, OH, RSH
Date added: Dec. 14
Extra info: Looking for 3-12’s and 2-13’s players to complete rosters..

Rebels Volleyball Club
Director:  Mark Klarkowski
Practice Location: Denmark
Phone: 920-321-8214
Age Group: G17
Positions Needed: MB, OH, RSH, L, DS, S
Date added: Dec. 12

Acers Volleyball Club
Director:  Carol Smith
Practice Location: Oregon
Phone: 608-217-1722
Age Group: G12, G14
Positions Needed: MB, OH, RSH, L, DS, S
Date added: Dec. 12

Madison Starlings
Director:  Lauri Schwarz
Practice Location: Madison
Phone: 608-957-6324
Age Group: G13s, G16s
Positions Needed: MB, OH, RSH, L, DS, S
Date added: Dec. 11

Eclipse Volleyball Club
Director:  Pam Goodreau
Practice Location: Hartford
Phone: 414-588-5474
Age Group: G18
Positions Needed: MB
Date added: Dec. 11

Milwaukee Volleyball Club
Director:  Brad Kuehl
Practice Location: Milwaukee
Phone: 414-687-7494
Age Group: B17
Positions Needed: MB, S, OH, RSH, L, DS
Date added: Dec. 11
Extra info: Looking fora couple 17s to round out roster for the 17-Mike team, a team that will play at nationals in Phoenix.

Eau Claire Air
Director:  Elizabeth Gallick
Practice Location: Eau Claire
Phone: 715-563-2201
Age Group: G18s
Positions Needed: MB
Date added: Dec. 11

Southport Volleyball Club
Director:  Brian Sharkey
Practice Location: Kenosha
Phone: 414-364-5483
Age Group: B15, B16,
Positions Needed: MB, OH, RSH
Date added: Dec. 11
Extra info: Utility players needed for B16-National teams.

Fox Valley Performance
Director:  Jeff Justice
Practice Location: Appleton/Neenah
Age Group: G16, G15
Positions Needed: MH, S
Date added: Dec. 4

Motion Volleyball Program
Director:  Mike Pridvaka
Practice Location: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Hartland
Phone: 414-406-8470
Age Group: B13/14s
Positions Needed: MB, OH, RSH, L, DS, S
Date added: Nov. 27
More info: Call Coach Dylan at 262-719-8413 or email

WILD Volleyball Club
Director:  Kevin Buettner
Practice Location: West Bend
Phone: 262-689-4620
Age Group:  G17,
Positions Needed: MB, L, DS
Date added: 11/27/17
More info: All full accept for G17s

I AM Volleyball Club
Director:  Jarrod Luedtke
Practice Location: Ozaukee County
Phone: 262-208-6345
Age Group: G12
Positions Needed: MB, OH, RSH, L, DS, S
Date added: 10/13/17
More info: Two athletes needed

Block Party VBC
Director:  Christine Denny
Practice Location: Wauwatosa
Phone: 414-745-2912
Age Group: G12s, G13s, G14s
Positions Needed: MB, OH, RSH, L, DS, S
Date added: Oct. 10

Please keep checking back for more information