The best way to learn is through a good mentor.

Over the next few years, the Badger Region will help deliver information to coaching mentors throughout the region, to help the next generation of coaches get better, faster. We want to help place our experienced coaches in a position to

  • share their knowledge
  • see new coaches in action, and
  • guide coaches toward proven methods

The region has five FREE mentor-training clinics to give away. At each two-hour clinic, all club coaches participate, while three coaches are trained to be mentors by an Advisor Coach. We have done a good portion of the work for the new mentors. The mentor handbook (draft) is linked below (coming soon). Mentor information comes from the latest High Performance clinics, and other USA Volleyball Education resources that are hard to attend in person. Please consider claiming a clinic before the season starts.

Contact BJ LeRoy or the Badger Region Office for more information.

The 3C motto is “Enthusiastic, Supportive, Positive.” For more about the ESP program, how to claim an ESP wristband and how to be a better fan, click here.