How To Add AES Events (AES Tournament Director’s Guide)
Region Registration Process For Tournaments (updated August 2016)
AES Event Registration Instructions
Securing Officials for Tournaments
Cancel/Redo/Close Divisions

Tournament Director Organizational Timeline
Match Forms (score sheets, lineup, libero)
Badger Region/USAV Parent-Spectator Code of Conduct
* Tournament Director Handbook (Rev. 8/2017)
Officials Request Form
Sanction Fee Invoice Form
2016-17 Certificate of Insurance Request Form (updated 8/18/16)
* Secondary Sports Insurance Coverage (Go To Junior Club Director’s Handbook-pages 21-22)
Tournament Results Online Reporting
2017 Badger Region Junior Team Codes (updated 1/23/2017)
Tie Breaker Procedure
2015-17 Domestic Competition Regulations (downloadable rule book)
* Print this and hang it at your events (A reminder for parents & sportsmanship)