How To Add AES Events (AES Tournament Director’s Guide) — 2018 instruction coming soon
Region Registration Process For Tournaments (Updated Sept. 2017)
AES Event Registration Instructions — 2018 instruction coming soon
Cancel/Redo/Close Divisions — 2018 instruction coming soon

New in 2018: Advanced Event Systems (AES) now allows clubs to pay for tournament entry online. To do so, tournament directors must work with AES and let them know they want that option available. AES can also set it up where the club has to pay a convenience charge to use the credit card payment. If the club does not pay the convenience charge, that fee will then be put on the tournament director. As a tournament director, we encourage you to read the AES flyer (click here) they have provided and follow the instructions to set it up. Tournament directors can get set up by logging into their AES account and clicking on the event name. Then they can click the payment link followed by “Checks & Online.” There, users will find a “learn more option” where they can fill out a request to as to who will pay the convenience fee (club or tournament director).

Tournament Director Organizational Timeline
Match Forms (score sheets, lineup, libero)
Badger Region/USAV Parent-Spectator Code of Conduct
Tournament Director Handbook (updated January 2017)
* Securing Officials For A Tournament (updated Sept 2017)
Sanction Fee Invoice Form (updated Sept 2017)
2017-18 Certificate of Insurance Request Form (updated 8/24/17)
* Secondary Sports Insurance Coverage (Go To Junior Club Director’s Handbook-pages 21-22)
Tournament Results Online Reporting
2018 Badger Region Junior Team Codes
Tie Breaker Procedure
2017-19  Domestic Competition Regulations (downloadable rule book)
* Print this and hang it at your events (A reminder for parents & sportsmanship)