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* SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE (March 18-19)
* SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE (March 25-26)

  • Date No. 1: March 18-19 (G14 open, G14 club, G14 Badger, G16 open, G16 club, G16 Badger, All Boys). This weekend is also NCAA Basketball in Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Admirals play on March 17 and March 19. Boys breakdown: B12/B13/B14/B18 are Saturday and B15/16/17 are Sunday.
    • AM Waves for March 18: B18, B14, B13, B12, G14-Badger, G14-Club
    • PM Waves for March 18: G14-Open, G16-Badger, G16-Club, G16-Open
    • AM Waves for March 19: B17, B16, B15, G14-Badger, G14-Club
    • PM Waves for March 19: G14-Open, G16-Badger, G16-Club, G16-Open
  • Date No. 2: March 25-26 (G11s, G13 open, G13 club, G13 Badger, G15 open, G15 club, G15 Badger).
    • AM Waves for March 25/26: G11s, G13-Badger, G13-Club , G13-Open, G15-Open, G15-Badger
    • PM Waves for March 25/26: G15 Club
    • The Bader Region Lights Out PVL team will take on the Cardinal Stritch University men’s volleyball team at 11 a.m. on Court 11 on Saturday, March 25, at the Wisconsin Center!
  • Date No. 3: April 1-2 (G12 open, G12 club, G12 Badger, G17 open, G17 club, G18 Club, G18 open, G18 club, and Adults).
    • AM Waves for April 1/2: All teams in AM Wave.
    • PM Waves for April 1/2: Some G17s teams will have a 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. start on April 2, but that is the latest it will start.
  • Location: Wisconsin Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Ave. (Downtown Milwaukee).
  • Hotel: 2018 hotels TBA.
  • High Performance: Now closed.
  • Tickets: Now closed.
  • Age waivers: Now closed.


  • You Pick the Logo: Contest now complete
  • All under one roof: No teams will play off-site. All matches are at the Wisconsin Center
  • Third division. To make for better and easier tournament formatting, a third division has been added. There are now Open, Club and Badger Division for most age levels.
  • Sportsmanship rewards: Any parent or fan who receives a ESP sportsmanship wristband from a tournament director during the regular season can turn it in for possible prizes at the
  • Design Your Sign: For a small donation, fans can design their own sign to support their sisters, brothers, coaches, teammates and family members. All proceeds go to charity!
  • University Athlete: All athletes considering playing volleyball in college should consider building a University Athlete profile so college coaches and recruiters can access their information. Click here for a list of coaches attending.


  • First weekend form (G14 Open, G14 Club, G14 Badger, G16 Open, G16 Club, G16 Badger), click here.
  • Second weekend form (G11, G13 Open, G13 Club, G13 Badger, G15 Open, G15 Club, G15 Badger), click here.
  • Third weekend form (G12 Open, G12 Club, G12 Badger, G17 Open , G17 Club, G18 Open, G18 Club), click here.



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