1. Player medical forms: you must have these with you in case of emergency.
  2. Player/Parent contact info: in case of a last-minute schedule change or emergency.
  3. Official Webpoint roster: Login to Webpoint/My Info/Team Rosters/Current Roster.
  4. Coaching bag: two whistles, a med kit, player medical forms, line-up sheets, scratch paper & writing utensil.
  5. Team schedule: obtain from your Club Director, the host team’s website or [potentially] AES.
  6. Event schedule: make sure you know the structure of the entire event, not just your pool
  7. Directions: make sure you know how to get to the event.
  8. Contact info: you will want to have the tournament director’s contact info in case of emergency
  9. Carry-in policy: know whether or not coolers and carry-ins are allowed to avoid fines
  10. Facility rules: know the playing rules of the facility and communicate the rules to your team (no ball-handling in the hallways, etc.)


  1. Check in: Print your official Webpoint roster, sign and turn in at the tournament desk prior to the start of the event.
  2. Verify match results: you (or someone assigned by you) should confirm that your team’s wins, losses and points are correctly recorded throughout the event.
  3. Follow event standings: you (or someone assigned by you) should check pool standings so you are aware of potential tie-breaker situations. During pool play, there is ALWAYS the potential for a tie-breaker situation.


  1. Address problems: talk with your club director about any problems you dealt with or potential future problems.
  2. Know your team code: tournament directors use this code to report the official standings and may need it.

KeepVid: store volleyball videos on your computer for players to watch
Kinovea: record athletes and analyze technique
Coaches Eye: record athletes for instant feedback
Pocket Radar: clock serve and attack speed
TeamUSA: information on drills, nutrition, technology, psychology, strength and coaching to help you as a volleyball coach
Volleyball Scoreboard: in case you find yourself without a flip scoreboard.

Looking for some “mock” handbooks that you can tailor to meet your club’s needs. Check out the following:
a. Welcome from Badger Region.
b. Sample commitment form
c. Sample coach policy handbook
d. Sample participant manual
e. USAV Sample Club Travel Policy. PDF VersionWord Version