Every junior club is required to educate their players and coaches on all aspects of refereeing and scoring. Coaches and players must know and be able to perform the duties of a first referee, second referee, line judge, scorer and libero tracker so that they are capable of serving on work crews at tournaments. Clubs can educate their players and coaches in one of two ways.

Clubs in their first or second season must host this 2.5-hour clinic, which is run by a professional official.

Clubs may facilitate their own officiating clinic using region-approved training materials. Below are a list of online courses that can be tools for club directors who will be training their own players and coaches. (For instructions on accessing online training, click here.)

  1. Email Jim Momsen to request approval to facilitate your own ref/scorer training.
  2. US101-Critical Rules & Interpretations: follow the link for materials.
  3. US201-Jr. Line Judge: follow the link for materials.
  4. US203-Jr. Second Referee: follow the link for materials.
  5. US205-Jr. Signals: follow the link for materials.
  6. US601-Libero Control: follow the link for materials.
  7. US605-Scoring Basics, Non-Deciding Set: follow the link for materials.
  8. US619-Scoring Basics, Deciding Set: follow the link for materials.
  9. Submit the Junior Club Ref/Scorer Training Report Form on the forms page upon clinic completion.


Clubs may ask their coaches and players to do the individual online training through Webpoint, so please make sure you have your username and password handy.

Online modules can be viewed and/or “taken for credit” to fulfill the training requirements. Members should click here to be sign up to be enrolled in the group of training modules (BG18_101) that can satisfy junior official requirements. After signing up in Webpoint, click on the red “USAV Academy” button in your profile. You will then be brought to your USAV Academy home page and from there you can view the online courses under “My Account.”

You can test out of some of the courses by taking the pre-quizes if you are a returning or experienced member.