Now that the tryout and commitment periods have arrived, there still may be some players looking for places to play. Your first tryout date must have passed for you to fill out this form. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page (scroll all the way down) to have your information included in our listing, and please reply to the confirmation email when you have accepted a position so we can take you off this list. Please also look at the Clubs Looking For Players page.

Please also look at the available players and see if there is a chance for you to start your own team. The Badger Region is more than willing to help you in this process!

Clubs, please look below to see the list of players who are seeking a place to play for the 2017-18 season. Please contact the player directly.

(Last updated Jan. 2, 2018)

Player’s Name Birth date Location Contact Email Age Level Position Date Added
Kaitlyn Volbright 7/14/05 Fond du Lac G13, G12 MB, L, DS, OH, RSH 1/2/17
Daniela Stern 9/15/02 Greenfield G15 MB, L, DS 12/11/17
Sara Henke 5/30/03 Middleton G15 L, DS 12/12/17
Sandra Wagner 5/6/02 Germantown G16 OH, RSH L, DS 12/11/17
Kimberly Riegel 7/5/02 Conrath G16 OH, RSH, L, DS 12/11/17
Leah Wenzel 2/27/01 Wind Lake G17 S 11/27/17
Danielle Klitzka 2/18/03 Sussex G15 OH, RSH, S, 11/27/17
Flor Salas 5/24/01 Milwaukee G16, G17 OH, RSH, MB, S, L 11/23/17
Katie Plum 9/18/02 North Shore G15 S 11/22/17
Ariana Townsend 7/3/03 Milwaukee area G15 MH 11/19/17
Briana Townsend 7/3/03 Milwaukee area G15 OH, RSH 11/19/17
Hannah Rogers 2/21/01 Germantown G17, G18 L, DS 11/18/17
Julianna Neu 10/10/02 Plymouth G15 OH, RSH 11/18/17
Laylani Wilson 11/5/01 Brown Deer G16, G17 OH, RSH 11/13/17
Malorie Clasen 8/11/02 Milwaukee G16 OH, RSH 11/13/17
Hannah Engeldinger 6/13/04 Brookfield G14 S, L, DS 11/2/17
Grace Nealey 7/4/06 Brookfield G11 Any 10/30/17
Amelia Olscheske 4/24/05 Men. Falls G13 S, MB 10/26/17
Tatum Katzman 1/10/06 Franklin G12, G13 S, OH, RSH 10/16/17
Kayla Laude 7/22/04 Delafield G14 OH, RSH 10/13/17
Brooklyn Johanknecht 3/28/05 Neenah G13 S, MB, OH, RSH 10/13/17
Autumn Stein 9/16/03 Waukesha G14 MH, OH, RSH 10/12/17
Gisselle Reyes 12/29/04 Milwaukee G13 S 10/12/17
Ella Pernsteiner 11/2/04 Appleton G13 MH, OH, RSH 10/10/17
Kendall Hopkins 3/21/05 Greenville, Hortonville G13 MH, OH, RSH 10/9/17


Please check back for more information