Badger Region is proud to again host a national CAP clinic in 2017 for coaching education.

Dates: Dec. 2-3 (in the Madison, Wis., area)

2017 Cadre: Marouane Jafir, Eric Hodgson, Don Burroughs, and Bill Neville

Registration Information: Coming soon

Host Hotel:  Special hotel accommodations can be made for those traveling from over 120 miles away.

Notes: If a Badger Region club has four or more coaches, you can receive a registration discount. Please email cap@usav.org if interested in this.

The USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program (USAV-CAP) provides an opportunity for professional preparation and advancement for the volleyball coach. The curriculum addresses the essential topics for the volunteer to the internationally aspiring coach.

Each course level includes a special emphasis on building the foundation and creation of a well-prepared coach. This knowledge, coupled with hands-on coaching experience, creates an ideal learning experience. USAV-CAP has been helping coaches further their coaching education since 1998. In that time, more than 35,000 coaches have taken USAV-CAP courses across the United States. We expect the USAV-CAP experience to be great for you and your community.