Program Director: Brian Sharkey

Badger Region is proud to offer a Region High Performance program for the 2018 season!

To register for tryouts, click here.

Region High Performance Programs are the regional branches of USA Volleyball’s National HP Program. Region HP Programs are operated by the USAV Region that sponsors the program in order to provide junior athletes with high-level training and skill development with some of the top coaches in that region.

Many regions also send teams to USA Volleyball’s High Performance Championships, providing more athletes across the country the opportunity to compete in the highest level junior tournament available in the United States, be seen by college coaches from all over the nation, and experience only international tournament sponsored by USA Volleyball.

Tryouts for the Badger Region HP teams will take place on Friday, March 16, from about 6 to 9 p.m. at the Wisconsin Center for all boys and girls. Girls will have a second tryout for a spot on the Badger Region team on Friday, March 23. The HP Championships will take place July 24-28, 2018, in Tulsa, Okla.

Please visit the BOYS or GIRLS High Performance page for more information.


Jacob Christensen (HP 2014):  “I had the time of my life with these guys playing the at the highest level and having fun while doing it. It was really cool to meet and get to know a lot of new people in the volleyball community. I got to experience the diversity of the sport from the coaches to the players. Everybody on the team cared so much about the sport that we were able to focus all of energy and learn a lot in the process.”

Michael Molbeck (HP 2014): “It was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had playing volleyball. Being on that team taught me so much about how to be a better volleyball player. On top of all that, I meant a bunch of great guys that I still call my friends. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to better themselves as a volleyball player.”

Carley Ramich (HP 2014):  “I only did HP for one year, but it was a total blast. I made friends that I still keep in touch with, and got the chance to play volleyball at a really competitive level. Although I was exposed to a ton of college coaches, the experience is what made it the most memorable to me. It’s cool because in the championship match against Iowa, we ended up playing against my current best friend/teammate in college!”

Tessa Weber (HP 2013): “I will never forget my two years at HP.  I met one of my best friends there, the people were amazing, and the travel was so awesome. I have seen some of the best volleyball in my life while at the tournaments, and loved being a part of the international experience!”

Markus Riemer (HP 2012, 2013):  “Competing with players and coaches from different backgrounds who all share a passion for volleyball was an awesome experience, and the trip not also increased by knowledge of the game, but also allowed me to create lasting friendships that are still in effect today.”

Emily Wineinger (HP 2012): “High performance was hands down, the best experience of my volleyball career. The level of play against national and international teams was nothing I had ever seen before. I never really thought one volleyball tournament could bond a completely random group of girls so much. High performance took a talented group of volleyball players from all over the region and put a team together full of dedicated athletes that all had an insane love for volleyball. I wouldn’t have traded this volleyball experience for anything.”

Kellan Flynn (HP 2012):  “I would just like to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m glad I took a chance and got the opportunity to play with high competition and make some really good friends in such a short amount of time! I would recommend doing hp to anyone who is interested in taking the time to have a fun experience while getting the chance to grow as a player and see new things.”

Sara Connell (HP 2012):  “I loved HP and am so glad that I was able to be a part of it! Even though I was only there one year I made great friends and I had tons of fun on and off the court. The volleyball was great and the international experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity that was so cool! The team, coaches, travel, and level of play were awesome and I had a great time!”

Becca Mastey (HP 2012):  “Nothing can compare to my experience with high performance. It was by far the greatest volleyball experience I have been a part of. I loved meeting so many people from all over the country who I still talk to and follow to this day as well as playing with people who have the same passion for volleyball as I do. The time spent together on the court was always a blast, full out and getting after it. And to be able to meet complete strangers and be able to be as close as we were at the end of a tournament was an unforgettable experience for me.”

Alyssa Kurth (HP 2012):  “HP was an experience I have nothing but incredible things to say about. It was one of the top highlights of my volleyball career and I will never forget the incredible time. While I only did it one year, I made friends I will never forget, got to travel, and experience some of the best volleyball I have. I wish I had heard about it earlier so I could have done it other years! This was a time that combined all of the best of club volleyball into one incredible week and I’ll never forget the opportunity I was lucky enough to have. I will forever be proud of the crazy team picture I have sitting at my desk!”