There are many different versions of “Clinics” conducted by the Badger Region. The clinics listed below are targeted for Certified Badger Region (Professional) Referees – Referees that are assigned by the Badger Region to officiate at tournaments for pay.

If you are looking for information regarding Clinics designed to train Club Members (Players and Coaches) to keep score, Line Judge, and Second Referee, please visit our “How To Keep Score/Officiate” page.

Note: An individual MUST be a current member of Badger Region/USAV before he or she is able to register for a Professional Referee Clinic.  Click here to sign up for, or renew, your USAV membership.

**To become a certified referee in the Badger Region, the minimum age requirement is 16 years old.

All Badger Region Referees must take this approximately clinic annually. This approximately 2.5-hour clinic focuses on updated rules and referee techniques, as well as points of emphasis for the upcoming season. This clinic, as well as the other annual renewal requirements, must be completed before officials are eligible to be assigned to tournaments by the Badger Region. See the CALENDAR section below for a list of scheduled clinics.

Referees with a rating of Provisional Referee or higher have the option of re-certifying by taking a series of on-line courses which cover the same subject matter.

The cost for the Professional Referee/Scorekeeping Training is $25, whether taken in-person or on-line.

Participants must be a current USAV member to register for any of the events.

Professional Referee/Scorer Fee – $25.00 (click here

Sign-up for all Badger Region Referee Clinics is through WebPoint.

  • Jan. 7, 2018: Center Court (Waukesha), 9-11:30 a.m.: Professional In-Person Referee Classroom Clinic (Click here); Clinician: Jim Momsen

Online certifications 

The New Referee/In-Training Clinic must also be completed by Badger Region Referee Candidates and In-Training Referees. It provides an introduction to Badger Region and USA Volleyball officiating. The New/In-Training Referee Clinic is scheduled immediately following the In-person Experienced Referee Clinics, takes approximately 45 minutes and is free of charge.

The USAV National Referee Clinic is an in-depth additional annual clinic requirement for all Jr. National and National Certified referees. It is optional, but recommended for Badger Region Regional Referees who are looking to advance to the USAV Jr. National Referee level.

To register for a USAV National Referee Clinic, a referee must use their USAV Code.

An on-court evaluation session is required of all Referee Candidates before they receive In-Training Referee certification. It is also required of all referees wishing to gain certification at the next-higher level. Depending on the number of referees requesting on-court evaluations, all applicants may not be accepted. Contact the Officials Chair to request an on-court evaluation.