The Badger Region registers members using Webpoint, USA Volleyball’s online membership-registration system. Registration for the 2017-18 season opens Sept. 1, 2017.  You can purchase a membership at any time. Please verify the membership option you need before purchasing. We do NOT offer refunds.

Summer memberships are no longer an option for anyone seeking a short-term membership for the fall. Only full memberships, tryout memberships and tune-up memberships are being offered at this time.

**The Badger Region does not get involved in any contract situations or negotiations between a club and a player/family and/or coach. 

If you were previously registered in a different region of USA Volleyball than Badger Region, please email with your name and birth date to switch your region affiliation. You will need to do this before you can register for a Badger Region membership. Once you have taken care of this, proceed to the renewing member prompt (below). If you intend to be a Badger Region member for the 2017-18 season, please do NOT register in another region. Please call or email with any questions before you begin your registration process. Also please take a look at the Renewing Member step-by-step registration process on how to request a login (below), which you will need to do in order to set up a username and password.

NEW MEMBERS (click here to register)
If you have never registered in the Badger Region of USA Volleyball, or any other region of USA Volleyball, you need to register as a new member. Be sure you know what membership you need BEFORE starting the application process. Click here to view our membership options. Click here for instructions on filling out the membership-application form through Webpoint. Click here to answer some questions that will help you determine which membership is right for you.

If you were previously registered in the Badger Region of USA Volleyball for any type of membership, you will need to log in to Webpoint and renew or upgrade your membership. Tryout memberships must be upgraded to full memberships by logging into Webpoint and renewing with the $40 upgrade membership option. Click here to reset your Webpoint username/password. Click here for a step-by-step registration process. Remember: Parents who have multiple children in club volleyball should note that NO two individuals in the USAV/Badger Region database are allowed to have the same username/passwords to log in. If you need help with a username/password, email: