Each club within Badger Region is an independently run business under the umbrella organization of Badger Region Volleyball Association. When you start a junior club program within Badger Region, you are also joining USA Volleyball and benefit from our structure of competition avenues, policies, rules, procedures and membership regulations. To enforce this structure, we reserve the right to sanction/fine a club and potentially revoke their region affiliation for failure to comply.

If you are interested starting your own junior club program and joining Badger Region/USA Volleyball, we have the resources and tools to get you off on the right foot. That goes for one-team clubs that might be feeder programs for local high schools, or larger clubs with the intent to compete on the national level. Once you’ve made the leap and joined Badger Region, our toolkit will guide you as you run the club.


  1. Read the JCD Handbook: hard-copy, must-read of the basics.
  2. Read the Webpoint Admin Handbook: how to register players and fill rosters.
  3. Think about your brand: every club offers something a little bit different.
  4. Create a budget: consider what it will cost to run your club.
  5. Pick a club name: research existing clubs and select a unique name.
  6. Fill out the Junior Club Info Sheet: activates your club in USAV/Badger.
  7. Register with Badger: $50 annually +$18 biennially for a USAV background screen.
  8. Attend the fall Junior Club Director Meetings: now in the form of online modules!
  9. Be familiar with forms and policies: follow the link to view all relevant items.
  10. Secure gym space: gym space is a hot commodity; start securing it early.
  11. Request a Certificate of Insurance: you need this for your playing facility.
  12. Set tryout dates: note tryouts have a regulated start-date.
  13. Schedule a player/parent info meeting: hold this before tryouts.
  14. Promote tryouts: resources to help you promote your club.
  15. Uniforms /Equipment: order early and don’t skimp.
  16. Create a club website: follow the link for free website services & other ideas.
  17. Certify your coaches: there are three steps to certifying a coach.
  18. Classify your coaches properly: Are they employees or independent contractors?
  19. Prepare your coaches: a list of all the things coaches are required to have at events.
  20. Pay Club Dues: download and submit the club dues form after you’ve formed teams.
  21. Register for tournaments: instructions to help with this important CD duty.
  22. Host tournaments: all you need to know to host your own tournament.
  23. Junior Club Ref/Scorer Training: clubs must provide members w/training (click link for options).
  24. Utilize our Junior Club & Coaching Toolkit : a resource for managing your club.

Looking for some “mock” handbooks that you can tailor to meet your club’s needs. Check out the following:
a. Welcome from Badger Region.
b. Sample commitment form
c. Sample coach policy handbook
d. Sample participant manual