About Us

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The Badger Region Volleyball Association promotes initiatives for safe, structured and fun life-long volleyball experiences!

Our Vision:

  • To grow the number of players, coaches, officials, spectators and other volleyball enthusiasts
  • To provide the highest quality volleyball experience in education, training, and competition
  • To provide advocacy, support, recognition and administration to the volleyball community

Badger Region Volleyball Association is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to providing a high-quality volleyball experience to our members.

Our region is one of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball (USAV), which is recognized by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) as the National Governing Body (NGB) of volleyball in the United States. USA Volleyball provides the highest level of child protection training and standards in the industry, as mandated by Congress.

Essentially, Badger Region Volleyball Association is the Wisconsin chapter of USA Volleyball and the premier volleyball authority in the state. Whether you are a junior player or an adult, an official or a fan, a parent or a coach, we believe our organization can provide you with a high-quality and educational experience in the volleyball world. We prioritize child safety, safe and welcoming environments, and skills for a life-long volleyball experience. Diversity, equity and inclusion is also a priority in the Badger Region.

The Badger Region Volleyball Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as recognized by the State of Wisconsin. For more detailed corporate documentation and policies, please see our Corporate Documents.

We Provide

The framework of rules and regulations in which players, coaches, teams, club directors and officials function

Policies and guidelines to safeguard our players, coaches, teams, club directors, officials and parents

Educational opportunities for players, coaches, club directors and officials

Competition opportunities for players, coaches and teams

Grassroots programming and engagement to develop a new understanding and love of the sport

Platforms for interaction with volleyball enthusiasts on both the regional and national levels around the country to share ideas and network

Safe and healthy environments for young players and young officials to develop through rules, regulations and resources

Programs designed to encourage sportsmanship among all

What we provide

Our Team

The Badger Region Board of Directors is comprised of four Executive Committee Members, seven Regional Representatives, one Junior Representative and one Independent Representative. Thirteen Advisory Committee members and five Region Staff members have a voice on the board, but do not vote.

  • For a map of Wisconsin and who represents the various areas, click here
  • For a look at a board member’s job description, see the Region Bylaws on the Corporate Documents page.
  • For a look at our Region’s interaction with USA Volleyball, click here.
  • For a look at all of the Badger Beacon newsletters published recently, click here.
  • Want to be a volunteer with the Badger Region? Fill out our volunteer application by clicking here.

Please contact the appropriate representative or the Executive Director to discuss an item to be added to the meeting agenda, at least 14 business days prior to the scheduled meeting. For emergency action requested between meetings, please contact the Board President.

Click here for a look at all the Board’s previous meeting minutes.

Executive Committee*

President:  Jim Momsen (email) / term ends Aug. 1, 2024
Vice President: Scott Blackmon (email)
Treasurer: Beau Rath (email)
Secretary: Holly Jablonowski (email)

* The Executive Committee is chosen by the full board of directors, in a by-law change approved May 10, 2023. The Treasurer is appointed by the Board President and approved by the full board. It is not voted on by Region membership due to the requirements of the position.

Board of Directors REPRESENTATIVES

Metro Milwaukee: Curtis Madson (email)
Northeast:  Amy Daley (email)
Northwest: Breit Nelson (email)
Southeast: Holly Jablonowski (email)
Southwest:  Bonnie Stalker (email)
Coaches Rep: Scott Blackmon (email)
Officials Rep: Jim Momsen (email), term ends Aug. 1, 2024 (new rep = Patti Dawson)
At-Large: Josh Price (email), term ends Aug. 1, 2024 (new rep = Kyleigh (Block) Neave)
At-Large: Jon Ellmann (email)
At-Large: Jason Wheelock (email)
Junior: Brian Rushmer (email)
Independent*: Angela Lubach (email), term ends June 1, 2024 (new rep = Dan Haback)

*The Independent Rep is appointed by the Board President and approved by the full board to assist with HR / legal matters.

The position requirements for the Board of Directors Representatives can be found in the by-laws, found on the Corporate Documents page.


Junior Girls Chair: Braeden Melton (email)
Junior Boys Chair:  Mike Stevens (email)
Referee Liaison to USAV: John Nelson  (email)
Scorekeeping Liaison to USAV: Erin Stalker (email)
Adult Chair: TJ Abshire (email)
Grassroots Chair: Alexis Middleton (email)
Past President: Julie Voeck (email)

The Advisory Committee to the Badger Region Board of Directors are appointed by the Board President or elected by specific groups to give feedback from that group to the Badger Region Board of Directors and/or Region staff.


Executive Director/Commissioner: Jennifer Armson-Dyer (email)
Program Director: Brian Sharkey (email)
Operations Manager: Scott Spiess (email)
Tournament Director: Kelly Lehman (email)
Program Specialist: Sara Voigt (email)

Region staff are employees hired to carry out operations and the implement the policies set forth by the Board of Directors. Please contact the Executive Director for more information on employment with Badger Region.

Summer hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day): 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. In-office hour vary by day.

region committees

COACHING EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Scott Spiess (staff liaison)
FINANCE COMMITTEE: Jen Armson-Dyer (staff liaison)
HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE: Jen Armson-Dyer (staff liaison)
OFFICIALS COMMITEE: Sara Voigt (staff liaison)
TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE: Kelly Lehman (staff liaison)
TRYOUT COMMITTEE: Brian Sharkey (staff liaison)

Committees can either be formed at the board level, or on an ad hoc basis. Please contact the assigned staff liaison for more information on a specific committee.