Enthusiastic. Supportive. Positive

Enthusiastic, Supportive, Positive

You may see wristbands around our region with the ESP message. We have one for you, if you can live by these three words as you cheer for teams, coaches and officials in our region. As a matter of fact, we have two of them for you; one for your wrist, and one to give away when you catch a different team’s fan using ESP. In fact give them both away, we will get you another one. Or two.


These wristbands are for fans, not players. Let’s take our cheering and our region up a few notches:
* Get a little crazy.
* Go the extra mile.
* Support your team with positive cheering.
* Recognize the good in your teams and others.
* Get way off the chain and clap when the other team makes a great play.
* We need good opponents to get better. Be that good opponent.

Put away the in-your-face cheers, actions and yelling, and hold others to the same standard.