How to access the 2024 Junior Referee Training Modules for online training

USAV Academy Access:

Log into your Sports Engine account

-Click on Household

-Click on the athlete/coach profile that requires training (who holds the membership)

-Click on View details

-Click on the blue USA Volleyball Academy 

-Click on content library

-Click on search and type in first couple letters needed to do search for your certification modules

Then go ahead and get started! Below are the five modules needed for junior referee training.

BG24_011 USAV Junior R1 Training

BG24_012 USAV Junior R2 Training

BG24_013 USAV Junior Line Judge Training

BG24_014 USAV Junior Scorer Training

BG24_015 USAV Junior Asst. Scorer / Libero Tracker Training

**If you want to schedule an in-person junior referee training with a professional official, please contact Sara at for a list of professional officials to contact. It is the responsibility of the club to contact, schedule and compensate the professional official for an in-person junior referee training session.