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With June right around the corner we thought we would focus on membership options as the summer tryout period draws closer. The most important thing we want to clarify is that the current (2023-2024) membership season does not end until August 31, 2024; the 2024-2025 membership season does not begin until September 1, 2024 (with tryout memberships being the one exception). See below for a few examples of memberships that can be used/purchased for the summer tryout period.

Please send any questions from returning or prospective members to membership@badgervolleyball.orgbeforepurchasing the wrong membership type. Memberships are non-refundable and a refund waiver acknowledging such is agreed upon at the time of purchase.

  1. An athlete/coach who has a 2023-2024 Badger Junior Player Membership or 2023-2024 Adult Coach of Juniors Membership: No action needed prior to tryouts; their membership is valid through August 31, 2024.

    They may begin purchasing 2024-2025 Full memberships ($55) on July 1 (not valid until Sept 1), which will allow them to accept a club assignment request in Sports Engine.
  2. NEW athlete looking to participate in summer tune-ups & tryouts: We would recommend the 2023-2024 Badger Summer Junior Player Membership ($20). This membership covers all participation (with the exception of competition) until 8/31/24. The one negative to this is that since it is a 2023-2024 membership, it IS NOT upgradeable to a 2024-2025 membership. They can purchase the 2024-2025 Badger Junior Player membership ($55) anytime after receiving an offer in order to accept their club assignment
  3. A new coach looking to participate in tune-ups & tryouts: We recommend using the  23-24 Badger Summer Adult Coach of Juniors Membership ($20). They will need to complete a background screen, SafeSport, and IMPACT prior to participation. PLEASE NOTE: if SafeSport is completed prior to August 1, 2024, it will need to be taken again after August 1, 2024 in order to be applied to a 2024-2025 Badger Adult Coach of Juniors  membership ($55, available July 1; valid Sept 1)
  4. An athlete, without current membership, looking to register for Tryouts only: We recommend they purchase a 24-25 Badger Tryout – July through Dec membership ($10); available for purchase starting June 3, valid beginning July 1.
  5. Athletes or Coaches not participating in the summer tryout period, but participating in the traditional fall tryout period: Purchase any 2024-2025 membership options beginning July 1 (valid on Sept 1).