Non-Professional Scorer Standards

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Non-Professional Scorer Standards

Below are the minimum standards for a non-professionally certified scorer. These minimum performance standards apply to either junior or adult players serving on work crews at tournaments.

  1. No use of electronic devices during the match
  2. No food or drink ON the scoring table
  3. Demonstrates proficiency in the following
  4. Correctly record the results of coin toss (serving and receiving team information)
  5. Correctly record starting line-ups
  6. Confirms the correct server on every serve attempt
  7. Slashes running score column points
  8. Enters exit scores
  9. On substitutions, record the numbers of the players exiting and entering the set.
  10. On substitutions, record the team scores at the time of the substitution in the “Scores at Change” section.
  11. On substitutions, slash the total team sub count
  12. Records time outs
  13. Enter and circle final exit scores at end of the set
  14. Correctly enters winning and losing teams & scores in results section at the end of the set

Libero Service Scoring Requirements
In all Badger Region and USAV events, either or both liberos may be allowed to serve.

  1. If a libero serves for a position player, the roman numeral for that Service Order position is enclosed with a triangle.
  2. If the libero serving scores a point, the appropriate number in the Running Score section is enclosed with a triangle.
  3. The libero tracker is also required to enclose the roman numeral of the replaced position player’s Service Order with a triangle.