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Our Referees and scorers are essential

There are two types of officials in Badger Region: referees and scorers. Each match is overseen by a work crew composed of referees and scorers who ensure all matches adhere to USA Volleyball’s competition rules.

To become a certified referee in Badger Region, the minimum age is 16 years old. This page will help you earn your certification as a first-year official in the Badger Region Volleyball Association.

All Badger Region officials must be members of USA Volleyball through the Region and (if 18 years old or older) successfully pass a background screen administered during the registration process. Failure to do so will prohibit officials from working junior tournaments. All Badger Region officials must agree to abide by the Badger Region Code of Conduct for Officials.

Certifying as a returning official

Welcome to all returning officials to the Badger Region. This information will help you re-certify as an official in the Badger Region Volleyball Association.

A Provisional Referee has demonstrated and successfully applied volleyball rules and refereeing mechanics. This is a developmental level but can be permanent if an individual is unable to advance further or does not desire to advance further. Provisional Referees are assigned to matches appropriate to their skill level, generally girls 14U and below (with exceptions).

After serving a minimum of one year as a Provisional Referee, one may begin working toward their Regional certification. A Regional Referee may officiate any match at any age level within Badger Region. A Regional Referee must have a working knowledge of volleyball rules and mechanics, have good reffing mechanics, be familiar with the USAV scoresheet, know how to transition to the R2 position, show awareness in rotational faults and show back row awareness.

A Junior National Referee is certified to officiate any and all USA Volleyball-sanctioned junior competition in any of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball. This includes all USA Volleyball Junior National Championships. While reffing at a USA Volleyball-sanctioned junior competition, a Junior National Referee is qualified to wear the official USA Volleyball Junior National Referee patch on their officials uniform.

A National Referee is eligible to work at all USA Volleyball-sanctioned competitions, including the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships and the USA Volleyball Adult Open National Championships. A National-certified referee may wear the official USA Volleyball National Referee patch on their officials uniform at any USA-Volleyball.

Badger Region Good Stand Policy

In 2023, the Badger Region board of directors approved an “In Good Standing” policy for all officials to be assignable, receiving mentoring and be eligible for advancement moving forward. The criteria listed bin the attachment must be met on an annual basis. If a referee cannot meet these criteria, he or she may apply to the Officials Chair for a one-season waiver to become inactive, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

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Important steps

2023-25 USAV Rulebook
USAV Official Match forms
More resources for officials

Certifying as a scorer

All Badger Region professional (new and returning) scorers have undergone a standardized training program to gain and maintain scorer certification. There are three certification levels a professional scorer may achieve: Provisional, Regional and National. Each certification level builds upon the previous level and allows the certified individual to score increasingly difficult matches. A certified scorer may either work through the certification levels or remain at their current certification level by re-certifying annually.

To become a certified scorer in Badger Region, the minimum age is 16-years old. Scorers are considered in training until they have completed all requirements of the first certification level.

Important steps


An individual working towards Provisional certification is considered in-training until he or she has completed all the requirements outlined on the Provisional page. All Provisional certification requirements must be completed before an individual is eligible to accept paid match assignments in Badger Region. If an in-training scorer is unable to meet these certification requirements over the course of a certification period, he or she will be required to restart the process. Click each step on the Provision page for additional information or registration materials.


Most scorers remain at the Provisional certification level for the duration of their careers. Scorers are required to re-certify annually to maintain their certification level. The steps to maintaining Provisional Scorer certification are outlined on this page; use the click here link above to be directed there.

A Regional Scorer has met all the requirements of a Professional Provisional Scorer and maintained Provisional certification for at least one year. The steps to achieving Regional Scorer certification are outlined on the Regional page; use the click here link above to be directed there.


Scorers are required to re-certify annually to maintain their certification level. The steps to maintaining Regional Scorer certification are outlined on this page; use the click here link above to be directed there.

If you are interested in achieving or maintaining National Scorer certification, contact Score Chair Erin Stalker

Once an individual has become a professionally certified scorer, he or she is eligible to be appointed as a score monitor in Badger Region.

Referee profiles

It is hard work to become a professional referee or professional scorer . Individuals undergo training to achieve different certification levels and be assigned to paid officiating crews.

Badger Region is proud to highlight the awesome referees in our region. We’re grateful for the many referees who shared these videos about their experiences in their own words

Frequently asked questions for officials

USA Volleyball believes in teaching players the entire game and that includes officiating. When they are not playing, players will develop leadership skills and knowledge of the game when they assist in officiating. Prior to any competition, clubs are required to instruct their players on proper techniques in refereeing and scoring.

USA Volleyball and Badger Region provide a variety of options for players, coaches, and parents to learn how to officiate and keep score at events. USA Volleyball provides free, on-line training modules via These modules can be viewed and/or “taken for credit” to fulfill the training requirements. These modules can be viewed and/or “taken for credit” to fulfill the training requirements. Members may log into their USAV Academy to be enrolled in the group of training modules listed here.

The required modules for scoring are:
• Scoring Basics, Non-deciding Set
• Scoring Basics, Deciding Set
• Scoring Sanctions
• Libero Control

The required modules for officiating are:
• Junior Second Referee Clinic
• Junior Line Judge Clinic
• Libero Rules
• Net and Center Line Rules

In lieu of the above on-line training, some clubs choose to have a professional Certified Referee conduct a Scoring and Officiating Clinic at a Club meeting. The subject matter of this in-person clinic is essentially the same as what is contained in the above on-line modules, but the in-person clinic allows the participants to interact and ask questions of the Certified Referee. Clubs who choose the in-person option may also encourage parents to attend so they have a better understanding of what it takes to work a match.

During the tournament matches, the club’s workers will also receive individualized instruction and encouragement from the Certified Referees.

Many junior players enjoy officiating and keeping score, and go on to become highly skilled Certified Referees and Certified Scorers in High School and College. Assigned Professional Referees and Scorers work for pay – it’s a great part-time job and keeps them involved in a sport that they love.