Practice Scoring

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Practice Scoring

Outlined below is the process for volunteering to score a match. Volunteering to score a match is a necessary element of the professional scorer certification process.


  1. Score one full match, using blue ink where applicable; bring your own forms, score and libero, retain the line up sheets from that match.
  2. Libero Control track for one full match; retain the line up sheets from that match, use your own libero control sheet.

IMPORTANT: Do not act as the official scorer or libero control tracker; perform your duties alongside the official person/team assigned to the match.


  1. If you intend to score at a Badger Region-sanctioned volleyball tournament as a volunteer or for practice, you must inform the Erin prior to the event that you intend to represent the Badger Region as an in-training or certified scorer.
  2. You must inform the Tournament Director prior to their event and confirm the Tournament Director’s approval of your activity with Erin Stalker.
  3. This notification of scoring intentions may be done via an email to the Tournament Director with copy to Erin Stalker and subsequent response.
  4. You must be in uniform and have all the appropriate scorer tools, including score sheets and libero control sheets.
  5. You must report to the Tournament Director the day of the event to receive a court assignment and indicate to him/her how many matches that you intend to score.
  6. If you intend to practice scoring prior to your assignment as an R1, R2 for an event, you are required to inform the Score Chair and the Tournament Director and follow the uniform and reporting procedure noted above.
  7. When you are done please scan or take a picture of all scoresheets and email to