Referee Pay Scale

Referee Pay Scale

When an official refs five or more matches, Pay Scale A, the All Day and Pool Play Scale, shall be used.

When an official refs four matches or less, Pay Scale B, the Semis and Finals or Crossover Matches Scale, shall be used.

Officials Pay Scale A – All Day and Pool Play

1 Game To
15 Points
1 Game To
25 Points
Best Of
3 Games
Best Of
5 Games
3 Games
To 25 Pts
1 Semi
and a Final
2 Semis and a
1st Year$15.00$19.00$27.00$37.00$35.00$65.00$85.00
Provisional & Up$17.00$21.00$30.00$41.00$39.00$72.00$95.00

Officials Pay Scale B – Semi and Finals or Crossover Matches
2 matches only (best of 3) = $72.00
3 matches only (best of 3) = $95.00
4 matches only (best of 3) = $110.00
2 matches only (best of 5) = $90.00
3 matches only (best of 5) = $125.00

**With prior approval officials who travel 60 miles or more one-way when assigned to a Badger Region sanctioned event can submit for hotel reimbursement up to $100.00. Please contact Sara for more information or with questions.