Sample Junior Club Budget

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Sample Junior Club Budget

When creating a junior club program, it is important to think about what it will cost to run the club. We’ve listed some costs to be aware of when starting your club and creating your budget. When calculating your anticipated costs, be sure to overestimate your expenses so you have your bases covered in case of an unexpected expense.

1. Badger Region/USAV membership for coaches (all must have a current membership and background screen)

2.  Coaching education. IMPACT and the NTDP Academy are free. But other memberships such as AVCA, Art of Coaching and other coaching clinics cost extra money.

3. Coach payment/reimbursement: some clubs pay their coaches, others do not.

4. Uniforms and printing: anticipate jersey costs AND printing costs. This might include the always popular backpack.

5. Gym space: this can be expensive, so do some research to find the best option and plan your budget accordingly.

6. Tournament registration: national events and qualifiers are more expensive than region events.

7. Travel to events: decide whether or not you will reimburse coaches and develop a policy. Will they be paid a flat amount for a trip? Mileage based?

8. Housing at overnight events: Hotels cost money and need to be considered when building a budget. Don’t forget to factor in rideshares or parking.

9. Food and drink. How much should a club give their staff for food stipends for road trips is part of the budgeting process, et..

10. Equipment: You will need balls, carts, coaching apparel, med kits, etc. Coaches can benefit from dry erase boards, clipboards, writing utensils, binders and backpacks. Will your facility need any items such as pads, antennaes, scoreboards, etc?

11. Do you need additional insurance other than what Badger Region / USAV offer. That’s something to consider.

12. Service fees. Your website. Your bank account. Your legal advisers. Lots of these services cost money.

After you have considered how much the club must pay to have each player/team in the program, consider how much you are going to charge players. Keep in mind that all players must register for a $50 full junior membership with Badger Region/USAV. This cost is in addition to whatever you decide on for your club fees. Sources of income for the club could include: membership fees, grants and sponsorship or fundraising.

Please keep in mind that your club is an independently run business operating under the umbrella of Badger Region/USA Volleyball. We are not responsible for the business functions of your club, we simply provide the structure of rules, regulations, policies and resources to facilitate your success.