Uniform Color Guidelines

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Uniform Color Guidelines

As of February, 2016, the Libero jersey requirement was simplified by USAV. Rule USAV 19.2 (aka. The
Solid color Uniform Rule) was deleted.

We are currently enforcing FIVB Rule 19.2 –

This rule has been in effect since the introduction of the Libero – Contrasting color jersey.
“FIVB 19.2 – Equipment: The Libero player(s)must wear a uniform (OR JACKET/BIB FOR THE
REDESIGNATED Libero) which has a different dominant color from any color of the rest of the team.
The uniform must clearly contrast with the rest of the team. The Libero uniforms must be numbered
like the rest of the team.”

Many clubs have been in non-compliance with this rule and it will be a point of emphasis this season
with the referees to not allow the Libero(s) to play if the jersey is non-contrasting. In an attempt to help
define non-compliant combinations we are supplying the following additional information to assist clubs
and referees.

Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black, navy/maroon, and white/light yellow
are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules.

Badger Region addition – “Other color combinations that are not distinctive enough to comply with
the rules include two dark colors or two light colors, such as the following groups of colors:

Group 1 – Black/dark grey/dark green/navy blue/royal blue/dark purple/dark brown/maroon
Group 2 – Yellow/white/gold/tan/light grey/light blue/light green
Group 3 – Pink/red/cardinal red/orange

While this list is more comprehensive that the combinations listed in the DCR, given the creativity
and palate offered by the uniform manufacturers, other combinations may exist that are not listed

Basically, if the colors lie within a few rows of each other on the color palate, they are too similar to be compliant with the rule.

The sequence of actions by the referees for teams with non-contrasting jerseys should be:

  1. Ask the teams to become compliant with the rule by changing into jerseys that meet the
    requirements of the contrasting colors rule.
  2. If the team cannot comply with the rule, the team cannot play with a Libero.
    Note: If the entire team has illegal uniforms (e.g. design through the number, number not
    contrasting issue, numbers not centered, etc.), the team must change into legal uniforms before
    they can play the match.