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Thursday, March 16th, 2023

The first weekend of the 2023 Badger Region Championships is behind us. As is the Dale Rohde Memorial Boys Volleyball Tournament. Congratulations to all our division winners:

Girls 16 Open

  • 1st place:  FC Elite 16-Navy
  • 2nd place:  MVP 16-Blue
  • 3rd place:  RVA 16-Navy

Girls 16 Club

  • 1st place:  I AM 16 Red
  • 2nd place:  Wisconsin Ice 16-National
  • 3rd place:  FVP 16-National

Girls 16 Wisconsin

  • 1st place:  Madtown Juniors 161 Select
  • 2nd place:  Wisconsin Ice 16-National JH
  • 3rd place:  Madison Elite 16-Teal

Girls 16 Badger

  • 1st place: FVP 16-Regional
  • 2nd place: 608 Juniors 16-Red
  • 3rd place: MVP 16-Black

Girls 17 Open

  • 1st place: FC Elite 17-Navy
  • 2nd place: Wisconsin Juniors 17-1s
  • 3rd place: MKE Sting 17-Black

Girls 17 Club

  • 1st place: Xtreme 17 Adidas
  • 2nd place: MKE Sting 17-White
  • 3rd place: FC Elite Flyers 17-Navy

Girls 17 Badger

  • 1st place: MVP 17-Black
  • 2nd place: Madison Elite 17-Teal
  • 3rd place: Infinity 17-Navy

Girls 18 Open

  • 1st place: Wisconsin Juniors 18-1s
  • 2nd place: 608 Juniors 18-1s
  • 3rd place: MVP 18-Blue

Girls 18 Club

  • 1st place: Crossfire 18-Blaze
  • 2nd place: Wisconsin Juniors 18-Elite
  • 3rd place: FC Elite 18-White

Girls 18 Badger

  • 1st place: Midwest Penguins 18-Black
  • 2nd place: 414 18-Elite
  • 3rd place: Madison Elite 18-Teal

B12/13 Red

  • 1st place: RVA 13 Boys Navy
  • 2nd place: Spike Milwaukee B13
  • 3rd place: MVP Boys 13-Blue

B12/13 White

  • 1st place: FVP B12-Regional
  • 2nd place: MVC 12-Kurt
  • 3rd place: I AM VBC Boys 12-1

B13/14 Red

  • 1st place: MVC 14-Jim
  • 2nd place: MKE Sting 13-Ed
  • 3rd place: Spike Milwaukee B14

B13/14 White

  • 1st place: Sky High 14-2
  • 2nd place: Madison EliteBoys 14
  • 3rd place: Epic B14-Black

B15 Red

  • 1st place: MKE Sting 14-Adam
  • 2nd place: MVC 15-Jason
  • 3rd place: MKE Sting 15-2 Choppy

B15 White

  • 1st place: MKE Sting 15-Nick
  • 2nd place: Inferno 15 Fire
  • 3rd place: Club W 15 Black

B16 Red

  • 1st place: MKE Sting 16-Dan
  • 2nd place: FVP 16-National
  • 3rd place: MVP 16-Blue
  • 3rd Place: MKE Sting 16-Holly

B16 White

  • 1st place: FVP 16-Regional
  • 2nd place: Epic 16-Black
  • 3rd place: MVP 16-Silver

B17 Red

  • 1st place: MKE Sting 16-Adam
  • 2nd place: MVC 17-Bryce
  • 3rd place: MVP 17-Blue

B17 White

  • 1st place: FVP 17-Regional
  • 2nd place: Epic 17-Black
  • 3rd place: Madison Elite Boys 17

B18 Red

  • 1st place: MKE Sting 18-Tom
  • 2nd place: MVC 18-Greek
  • 3rd place: MVC 17-Brad
  • 3rd place: MKE STing 17-Tamari

B18 White

  • 1st place: Inferno 18
  • 2nd place: OVC 17/18
  • 3rd place: RVA 18-Navy

For full results, click here.