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Congratulations to all of the athletes who were named All-Power League as voted on by the coaches of the Badger Region Power League 16-Elite and 18-Elite divisions.

Award winners had to appear on a minimum of three ballots (other than their own coach’s ballot) to be eligible for an All-Power League award. (Send any typos to Information provided was supplied by coaches and the Region did it’s best to decipher.)

Congratulations to the top team finishes in 14 Elite (No all-league team for 14 & under)

14-Elite First Place: I AM VBC 14-Red
14-Elite Second Place: 414 14-Elite
14-Elite Third Place: Wisconsin Juniors 14-Elite

Congratulations to the top team finishes & All League Team for 16 Elite

16-Elite First Place: I AM VBC 15-Red
16-Elite Second Place: 414 16-Elite
16-Elite Third Place: 608 Juniors 16-Elite

Top awards 16-Elite

  • Best Defensive Player: Paige Proefrock (I AM 16-Red)
  • Best Server: Alaina Matola (414 16-Elite)
  • Best Setter: Lauren Ossmann (Wisconsin Elite 16-Elite)
  • Best Attacker: Ambryn Aanonsen (I AM 16-Red)

414 15-Elite

  • Talia Piotrowski

414 16-Elite

  • Lucy Gray
  • Alaina Matola
  • Haley Schneiker

608 Juniors 15-1

  • Addison Jerman

608 Juniors 16-1

  • Finley Moore

608 Juniors 16-Elite

  • Laila Rasmussen
  • Cassidy Pohlman
  • Ella Buelling

Eclipse 15-Elite

  • Cara Stommel

G-Force 16-Select

  • Samantha Weber

I AM 15-Red

  • Ana Degner
  • Camilla Kreif
  • Emmalee Heniadis
  • Morgan Vetter

I AM VBC 16-Black

  • Katie Steier
  • Khiah King
  • Ava Burt

I AM VBC 16-Red

  • Ambyrn Aanonsen
  • Paige Proefrock

Madtown 161 Select

  • Kyleigh Knutson

Milwaukee Juniors 15-1

  • Piper Graham
  • Tatum Jahns

Milwaukee Juniors 16-1

  • Miley Quade

Wisconsin Elite 15-Elite

  • Nicalai Eismann
  • Willow Braun

Wisconsin Elite 16-Elite

  • Megan Tesmer
  • Lauren Ossmann

Wisconsin Juniors 14-1

  • Charlotte Shepherd
  • Kinsley Christensen-Bara

Wisconsin Juniors 15-1

  • Isabel Stauber

Wisconsin Juniors 16-Elite

  • Carly LaPlante

Wisconsin Premier 16-Teal

  • Amelia Dubey

Congratulations to the top team finishes & All-League Team for 18 Elite
18-Elite First Place: Wisconsin Juniors 18-1
18-Elite Second Place: 414 18-Elite
18-Elite Third Place: Wisconsin Juniors 16-1 

Top awards 18-Elite

  • Best Attacker: Lindsay Piktel (Wisconsin Juniors 18-1)
  • Best Server: Isa Swiatkowski (Wisconsin Juniors 18-1)
  • Best Setter: Anabelle Cerny (Wisconsin Juniors 16-1)
  • Best Defensive Player: Abby Nevins (414 18-Elite)

414 17-Elite

  • Abigail Alms
  • India Scheufele

414 17-National

  • Robin Cushman
  • Cora Glosson
  • Ella Jetzer
  • Annika Romine

414 18-Elite

  • Isabelle Haas
  • Ava Hanson
  • Abby Nevins
  • Grace Wilcox

I AM 17 Red

  • Kylee Altendorf
  • Brooke Bartelt

I AM VBC 18 Red

  • Elyse Kozikowski
  • Isabella Stecker

Madtown 171 Select

  • Haiden Paulsen
  • Sofia Tsai

Madtown 181 Select

  • Olivia Ibeling

Milwaukee Juniors 17-1

  • Liz Armour
  • Kara Witkowski

Milwaukee Juniors 17-Elite

  • Lauren Pehl

Wisconsin Elite 17-Elite

  • Katie Brisk
  • Madelyn Glynn
  • Marlee Hills
  • Kira Lidwin

Wisconsin Elite 18-Elite

  • Abby Bauer
  • Emma Duff

Wisconsin Juniors 16-1

  • Anabelle Cerny
  • Audry Johnson
  • Ashley Ray
  • Ava Turlais

Wisconsin Juniors 17-1

  • Audrey Heiring
  • Adelyn Martin

Wisconsin Juniors 17-Elite

  • Ryen Lyndon

Wisconsin Juniors 18-1

  • Amanda Bauman
  • Katie Mercure
  • Lindsay Piktel
  • Isa Swiatkowski

Wisconsin Juniors 18-Elite

  • Sam Henschel