Board of Directors & Staff

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Our Team

The Badger Region Board of Directors is comprised of four Executive Committee Members, seven Regional Representatives, one Junior Representative and one Independent Representative. Thirteen Advisory Committee members and five Region Staff members have a voice on the board, but do not vote.

Nominations will be accepted for the Badger Region Board of Directors beginning April 1, 2023 for the next available positions. Information will be posted on the website when available.

  • For a map of Wisconsin and who represents the various areas, click here
  • For a look at a board member’s job description, see the Region Bylaws.
  • For a look at our Region’s interaction with USA Volleyball, click here.
  • Want to be a volunteer with the Badger Region? Fill out our volunteer application by clicking here.

The next Badger Region Board of Directors meeting is Feb. 1 at noon CT online.

Please direct all operational questions to a region staff member and all policy questions to a board member, listed below.

Executive Committee

President:  Jim Momsen
Vice President: Scott Blackmon
Treasurer: Beau Rath 
Secretary: Kim Wudi


Metro Milwaukee: Curtis Madson
Northeast:  Amy Daley
Northwest: Breit Nelson
Southeast: Holly Jablonowski
Southwest:  Bonnie Stalker
At-Large: Josh Price
At-Large: Susan Peterson
Junior: Brian Rushmer  
Independent: Angela Lubach


Junior Girls Chair: Braeden Melton
Junior Boys Chair:  Mike Stevens
Referee Chair: Teague Prichard  
Scorekeeping Chair: Alexis Sheldon
Adult Chair: TJ Abshire
Grassroots Chair: Alexis Middleton
Past President: Julie Voeck


Executive Director/Commissioner: Jennifer Armson-Dyer
Program Director: Brian Sharkey
Operations Manager: Scott Spiess
Tournament Director: Kelly Lehman
Program Specialist: Sara Voigt