Coaches Coaching Coaches

Coaches Coaching Coaches

Over the next few years, the Badger Region will help deliver information to coaching mentors throughout the region, to help the next generation of coaches get better, faster. After all, “The best way to learn is through a good mentor.” We want to help place our experienced coaches in a position to

  • share their knowledge
  • see new coaches in action, and
  • guide coaches toward proven methods

The region has eight FREE mentor-training clinics to give away. At each two-hour clinic, all club coaches participate, while three coaches are trained to be mentors by an Advisor Coach. 

Please complete this form to request a Badger Region clinician to come to your club to deliver information and train coaching mentors. The goal is to help coaches get better, faster. We want to help place our experienced coaches in position to:

  • share knowledge
  • see your coaches in action
  • guide coaches towards proven methods

Contact Scott Spiess at or the Badger Region Office (262-349-9785) for more information.