Jim Momsen

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Jim mOmsen

Jim Momsen has been active in many areas of volleyball as a rec league player (1980s and 90s), a volleyball dad (2000s), an official (since 2003), a member of the local PAVO boards (since 2004) and a member of the Badger Region board (since 2008) most recently serving as Southeast Rep before being elected Vice President in 2015.

Momsen has been a PAVO-certified line judge since 2004 and is the line judge assigner for Marquette University, two NCAA Division III schools and the NACC Men’s and Women’s Conference. He served as the board chair for the Wisconsin Board of Officials in 2009-10 and has assisted in developing PAVO scorekeeper training and testing. He was awarded the PAVO Meritorious Service Award in 2011.

Within Badger Region, Momsen has facilitated officiating and scorekeeping clinics since 2005, and in 2006 he implemented the first online referee assigning system. For four years he was the Region’s official’s assigner, and he has worked his way up through the officiating ranks, earning his National Referee rating in 2011.

“Volleyball is a great sport. Obviously, I’m a very passionate supporter and promoter of the game and enjoy working with all of the wonderful people involved. I thoroughly enjoy facilitating the scorekeeping and rules clinics every season, as well as observing and developing the officials that I work with. I’ve been a strong advocate for the officials that I assign and help to train. I want to give as much as I can back to the game that meant so much to my father, to give ‘kids of all ages’ (players, parents, fans, coaches, and officials) a positive environment in which to participate, and have them be lifelong fans of the game.”