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Monday, March 20th, 2023

The second weekend of Badger Region Championships featuring over 280 girls teams ages 10-14 were in Milwaukee March 18-19. This weekend’s winners included:

Girls 11 Badger

  • 1st place: Tempo 11-1
  • 2nd place: MKE Sting 10-Annie
  • 3rd place: MKE Sting 11-Silver

Girls 11 Club

  • 1st place: Madtown 111 Select
  • 2nd place: OVBC 11 Purple
  • 3rd place: I AM VBC 11 Red

Girls 12 Badger

  • 1st place: Sting 12-Silver
  • 2nd place: Adversity Wisconsin 12-1
  • 3rd place: Wisconsin Juniors 12-Select

Girls 12 Club

  • 1st place: 414 12- Green
  • 2nd place: River City 12-Blue
  • 3rd place: Crossfire VBC G12 Heat

Girls 12 Open

  • 1st place: MKE Sting 12 Black
  • 2nd place: Tempo 12-1
  • 3rd place: JAG VBC 12-Red Select

Girls 13 Badger

  • 1st place: South Shore Slam 13s
  • 2nd place: 608 Juniors 13-Red
  • 3rd place: Milwaukee Juniors 13-Silver

Girls 13 Club

  • 1st place: Jr. Vikings 13-Blue
  • 2nd place: River City 13-Blue
  • 3rd place: FVP G13 Regional Blue

Girls 13 Open

  • 1st place: MVP 13 Blue
  • 2nd place: Wisconsin Ice 13 Purple
  • 3rd place: Wisconsin Juniors 13-1s

Girls 13 Wisconsin

  • 1st place: Adversity Wisconsin 13-1
  • 2nd place: FVP G13 Regional Green
  • 3rd place: FC Elite 13-Blue

Girls 14 Badger

  • 1st place: Southern Heat 14 Black
  • 2nd place: Eclipse 14 Lunar
  • 3rd place: Club Breakout 14-2

Girls 14 Club

  • 1st place: Crossfire VBC G14 Blaze
  • 2nd place: FC Elite 14-Blue
  • 3rd place: I AM VBC 14-Black

Girls 14 Open

  • 1st place: MVP 14-Blue
  • 2nd place: Eclipse 14 Solar
  • 3rd place: Xtreme VBC 14-Adidas

Girls 14 Wisconsin

  • 1st place: River City 14 Black
  • 2nd place: Waupaca Fire 14s
  • 3rd place: Tenacity 14-1

For full results, click here.