Sanction Guidelines

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Badger Region Sanctioning Guidelines

(Approved by BRVA Board of Directors in Nov. 2020)

While the Badger Region believes in open communication to negate a problem, there are
instances that occur that require additional attention. Below please find the infraction scale and
a list of examples that is in no way exhaustive, merely to demonstrate common situations.
Please note that in some circumstances, two items may be combined (ex. a fine and
probation). Sanctions and examples, including but not limited to what is included in this
document, are listed below:

  1. Warning: Administrative or Ethics admonition against a repeat violation
  2. Fine: Administrative or Ethics sanction for violation of a policy
    • Probation: Ethics warning that a further violation within a specified period of time can or
      will result in further discipline
    • Suspension: Ethics decision for removal of participation in events, programs or activities
      for a specified period of time.
    • Expulsion: Ethics decision where membership is revoked and the individual is not
      allowed to participate in sanctioned events.
    • Banned: Ethics decision where an individual is not allowed to attend any
      region-sanctioned event, including practices. Can be applied to membership, or where
      the violation occurs at a region-sanctioned event and involves a non-member.
    • Warning:
      a. Club fails to pay team fees, tournament sanction fees, register as a club in the
      Region by a specific deadline
      b. Making offers before the standard tryout period
      c. Badmouthing different clubs, players or officials
      d. Club does not adhere to necessary Covid-19 guidelines
      • Fine:
        a. Missing a reffing or playing assignment
        b. Club fails to do junior ref training for athletes/coaches
        c. Not having coaches SafeSport / background screened if they are in the presence
        of junior athletes
      • Probation:
        a. Violating the retention period policies
        b. Club uses an athlete to “play down” on a team below his or her age definition or
        uses players that are not waivered or rostered properly
      • Suspension
        a. Having a club admin who is not safety screened
        b. Club is shown to have multiple or repeated complaints against them regarding
        sportsmanship, treatment of refs and opposing coaches, or other grievances
        c. Harassing athletes with recruiting emails, conversations or literature
        d. Violations such as bullying or harassment, sexual misconduct such as
        inappropriate jokes or materials distributed or shown to minors
      • Expulsion
        a. SafeSport violations such as sexual misconduct or abuse
        b. Any action that does not rise to a SafeSport issue but is not consistent with the
        USA Volleyball Code of Conduct or the USA Volleyball Junior Club Personnel
        Code of Conduct nor the values of Badger Region
      • Banned
        a. Major SafeSport violations
        b. Harassment of officials, coaches or players that require police involvement
        c. Any felony involving misconduct against children